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Trump’s Jabs at Theresa May Could Actually Help Her
When Donald Trump and Theresa May walked into a joint press conference together on Friday at the British prime minister’s country home in Chequers, they did so hand ...

Another Novichok Poisoning Has Britain Investigating a Dangerous Mystery
Caution tape and teams of hazmat-clad forensic investigators returned to Britain this week after two civilians fell ill from exposure to Novichok, the same nerve agent used in ...

Angela Merkel, Escape Artist
“The beginning of the end of Angela Merkel as chancellor,” read one headline. “Imagining a post-Merkel Europe,” read another. They might have been written yesterday, before Merkel struck ...

The Trump-Putin Summit: What the Europeans Fear
French President Emmanuel Macron has done it. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has done it. Yet when it was confirmed Thursday that President Trump would be meeting with Russian ...

Bourbon Is the Latest Victim of Trump’s Trade War
LONDON—It’s becoming a bourbon-soaked world out there. For about a decade now, more and more whiskey drinkers internationally, far beyond the drink’s home state of Kentucky, have been ...

How Do You Know When It’s Officially a Trade War?
It’s been coming for a while, but a tweet made the threat official (and specific): On Friday, President Trump denounced European duties on American automobiles and said if ...

The Power of Mo Salah’s Goal-Scoring Ritual
Egypt suffered a disappointing loss to Uruguay during its first World Cup match last week, and this week proved no better. In their second-match loss to Russia on ...

A Stranded Migrant Rescue Boat Reveals the Depths of the EU’s Crisis
German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned last week of the threat facing the European Union if it fails to reach a common asylum policy. Her warning could not have ...

The Eight Weirdest Moments of a Very Weird Summit
It was bound to be a spectacle. This would’ve been true even apart from the outsized figures—Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un—at the center of the Singapore summit; ...

It’s the third week of Ramadan, a month of fasting, charity, and prayer for the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims. In the Arab world, it’s also a month for ...