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Why Are People So Unproductive in Short Windows of Time?
Have you ever decided to take the next hour before you have to go to get something done, and then mysteriously failed to accomplish anything? If so, you’re ...

Why Does Sweetness Taste So Good?
The experience of taste is both essential and ephemeral. It’s the reliable bite of your morning coffee, and it’s the charred sweetness of your first campfire marshmallow, so ...

Elderly Mice’s Brains Are Bad at Handling Jet Lag
Strange things happen to sleep as the body ages. For humans, getting older can mean waking up over and over again or shifting to a much earlier wake-up ...

You Don’t Look Like Your Selfie
Your face is not flat. This might seem self-evident, but as people have begun to live richer, more selfie-filled lives online, a peculiar lacuna has formed around this ...