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Navigating Amazon's increasingly complicated collection of Alexa-enabled devices
Gadgets The Fire TV Cube is just the latest in Amazon’s huge collection of Alexa-enabled gadgets. Trying to figure out what each of Amazon’s Alexa-powered entertainment devices you ...

Last week in tech: iOS 12, Screentime, and everything else Apple announced at WWDC 2018
Technology Catch up on all the news from Apple’s annual developers conference. Apple announced updates for all its major software at WWDC 2018, including iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS. ...

Everything you need to know about Apple's 2018 WWDC announcements
Technology iOS 12, ARKit, and all the shiny new stuff from Apple. Watch Apple’s 2018 WWDC keynote with us! Source: tech nology ...

Apple WWDC: Looking back at 2017 and what to expect in 2018
Technology All the new stuff from Apple’s annual developers conference. Follow up with Apple’s 2017 announcements and look ahead to 2018. Source: tech nology ...

You should reboot and update your router to protect from malware
Technology The FBI and several other security organizations want some help busting the VPNFile malware. VPNFile is a nasty bit of malware that can infect your router, so ...

iOS 11.4 finally cleans up text conversations with Messages in iCloud
Gadgets Text message slobs rejoice. Deleting a message on your iPhone will now finally delete it across the rest of your devices. Source: tech nology ...

How to start composting at home
Environment Organic waste doesn’t belong in a landfill. Use this kit to turn it into mulch your plants will devour. Leftover salad and the pear you forgot about ...

Last week in tech: Have you updated your privacy policy?
Technology GDPR happened, Alexa had a butt dial scandal, and enter the Twitter time machine. Avoid eye contact with your family at the Memorial Day barbecue and catch ...

Use all those GDPR privacy policy notifications to clean up your inbox and kill zombie accounts
Technology Now is a great time to scrub out those wayward apps, annoying newsletters, and forgotten subscriptions. Clean up your inbox to commemorate the implementation of GDPR. Source: ...

Last week in tech: The whole world is going premium
Technology Microsoft’s awesome new Xbox controller, OnePlus 6 smartphone, and download our new podcast. We’re living in a life in a post-Yanny world. Source: tech nology ...