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<em>Sharp Objects</em>’ Music Contains a Chilling Message
This post contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Sharp Objects. Three episodes in, it’s still not clear what HBO’s Sharp Objects is about, exactly. A string ...

Why Drake Can’t Pull Off Being the ‘Good Guy’
Now let us make prayer hands: Drake is looking for the meaning of life. The rapper who christened himself “6 God,” coined our era’s WWJD with YOLO, and ...

What Classical Music Can Learn From Kanye West
The conversation around Kanye West lately has focused on politics, stunts, and the phrase scoopity-poop. It can be easy to forget that it was his musicianship, not provocations, ...

The Grandeur of Great Protest Music
A few months ago, the fearsome music critic Greil Marcus came across an old song he’d never heard before. Though the radio, against doo-wop harmonies and wandering guitar ...

Is Empathy the Essence of Soul Music?
One of the saxophonist Kirk Whalum’s earliest memories is of hearing beautiful music in the black Baptist church where his father pastored, and detesting it. “I love the ...

Making Innovative Art Is a Form of Generosity
Now that The Last Jedi is on Netflix, it’s easier to scrutinize and understand all the ways in which the director, Rian Johnson, reimagined what a Star Wars ...

Nine Inch Nails Is Still Pushing the Sound of Catharsis
In December 2016, I opened an envelope that arrived in the mail, and a fine black dust—like magnet shavings, or gunpowder, or ground-up malice—poured out onto my countertop. ...

Mike Shinoda Asks Not to Be Defined by Loss
The rule of threes feels a distant memory, doesn’t it? The past few years’ steady procession of famous people killed by illness (David Bowie and the slew of ...

What Anthony Bourdain Understood About Authenticity
According to Anthony Bourdain, he became a chef because it looked cool. “I came into the business when cooks still smoked on the line and wore headbands,” he ...

serpentwithfeet’s Songs of Supernatural Intimacy
When a song yearns for a “you,” where does the listener envision the singer and their subject? Music videos might offer the fantasy of artists directly serenading their ...