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Thoroughly Modern Meghan
Hilary Mantel has compared them to pandas in a zoo, “expensive to conserve and ill-adapted to any modern environment.” Martin Amis once described them as “philistines.” When it ...

<i>Fahrenheit 451</i> Tackles the Evils of Social Media
How do you make a television movie out of a book whose premise is that televised entertainment is destroying humanity? Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury wrote in 1951, is ...

<i>13 Reasons Why</i> Tries Again
Late in the second season of 13 Reasons Why, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) has an altercation with his school principal, Mr. Bolan (Steven Weber). Bolan has imposed a ...

On a soundstage in Queens, New York, the crew for Marti Noxon’s new TV series Dietland has built an extremely realistic replica of the offices of a modern ...

<i>Little Women</i> for the Instagram Generation
It’s hard to describe the aesthetic of PBS’s new two-part miniseries Little Women other than to say it’s Louisa May Alcott by way of Blake Lively’s dearly departed ...

<i>Patrick Melrose</i> Is a Lacerating Tour de Force
The genius of Edward St. Aubyn’s five Patrick Melrose novels is in how relentlessly they amalgamate horror and beauty. The loosely autobiographical series—once named the Melrosiad by a ...

<i>Dear White People</i> Is Both Timely and Timeless
“Something’s changed,” Sam (Logan Browning) tells her best friend Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) in the first episode of the new season of Dear White People. “Logic, reason, discourse. ...

Can Barbie Really Have It All?
In 1965, four years before the moon landing, a great American went into space. Astronaut Barbie wore a silver metallic jumpsuit, moon boots, and a kicky white plastic ...

What If Robert F. Kennedy Had Become President?
The most surprising thing about Bobby Kennedy for President, a new four-part documentary that debuted Friday on Netflix, is how every frame of archival footage of Robert Kennedy ...

The Cost of Accusing Bill Cosby
In 2005, Bill Cosby was interviewed by the National Enquirer about accusations—in part—that he’d drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 1970. He didn’t deny anything. But he ...