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The biomechanics behind Michael Jackson’s impossible dance moves
Science Some neurosurgeon fans decided to investigate. Before reading the rest of this article, please first stand up and try to tilt your whole body forward at a ...

‘Yanny’ vs. ‘Laurel’ is ‘The Dress’ of 2018—but one sound expert says he can end the debate right now
Science We asked scientists to weigh in on this viral ear-worm. Some here a deep rich voice saying “Laurel.” Others here a tinny voice delivering “Yanny.” Which do ...

What is a horsepower?
Energy It’s enough to power a coffeemaker or boil 2.2 gallons of water. The unit of horsepower can seem abstract. Where did it come from, and what exactly ...

Consumer DNA tests can’t tell you much, but they sure can get your relatives arrested
Science It’s time to think about who has your data. The suspected Golden State Killer’s apprehension last week caught a lot of people off guard. Prior to the ...

The most common misconceptions, debunked
Science Let me Google that for you. We mined the Internet for those persistent truisms that just aren’t true, then figured out just how many of you are ...

If you grow a brain in a lab, will it have a mind of its own?
Science As our ability to create organs expands, ethical questions come into play. There are lots of reasons one might want to grow brains. For starters, they would ...

Neolithic surgeons might have practiced their skull-drilling techniques on cows
Science Trepanation may not have been limited to humans. Bovine brain surgery is pretty rare. So if you were visiting the Neolithic dig site at Champ-Durand in France ...

Why archaeologists are arguing about sweet potatoes
Science It’s a hot (potato) mess. At some point, sweet potatoes crossed the Pacific. This much we know. As for the rest—How? When? Why?—we’re just not sure. Or, ...

This guy ate a pepper so hot doctors thought he might be having an aneurysm
Science The Carolina Reaper gets everyone in the end. You know the feeling: You’re just trying to compete in a pepper-eating contest and your poor stomach thinks you’ve ...

Not even geckos can stick to Teflon (and other slippery facts)
Science One of the many amazing inventions that came about by accident. Roy Plunkett doesn’t sound like a man destined for greatness. And in a way, he wasn’t. ...