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What it really takes to power your home for a day
Energy Here’s how much gas, coal, oil, wind, solar, water, or nuclear fuel is required. If your home relied on just one source of electricity—gas, coal, oil, wind, ...

What you need to know about your browser's digital fingerprints
Technology Facebook and others want to track you. Apple is blocking them. Your browser has a fingerprint. It’s not as obvious as the real ones on your fingertips, ...

Black Ember used laser-cutting and bonding to make a rugged, waterproof backpack
Technology We tried out their Citadel Minimal pack. Urban commuters who like to bike through all kinds of weather and want a backpack with a special-ops feel to ...

Here’s what kind of data genetics testing companies can share
Technology And how to delete your account if you want. It’s natural to want to scratch at the itch of identity—and these days you can, for about $99. ...

Artificial intelligence can take your bad whistling and make it sound like Mozart
Technology Facebook researchers used AI to create a universal music translator. A small group of researchers from a division of Facebook have created an artificial intelligence system that’s ...

Boeing's new 777x planes have wings so wide they need to fold just to fit at the gate
Technology Aviation can be such a drag. When airborne, the forthcoming Boeing 777x aircraft will have a majestic wingspan of 235 feet. So they’ll need to fold to ...

Everything self-driving cars calculate before changing lanes
Technology Inside a self-driving car’s lane-change calculus. To swerve or not to swerve: Inside a self-driving car’s lane-change calculus. Source: tech nology ...

A new Wi-Fi system could help your home network, if companies sign on
Technology The Wi-Fi Alliance wants to standardize home mesh networks. The way Wi-Fi is distributed throughout our abodes is changing. Source: tech nology ...

This self-driving car relies on spinning lasers to navigate down rural roads
Technology MIT is working on autonomous cars that don’t need good maps. If you hope to ride in a driverless car someday, chances are that the trip will ...

How to brew worm tea
DIY For fertilizer, not drinking. Jim Shaw has been in the worm business since he was a teenager. His favorite application of the creepy crawlers: turning their droppings ...