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Normalizing Trade Relations With China Was a Mistake
In 2000, Congress made the fateful decision to extend “permanent normal trade relations,” or PNTR, to China. As the economists Justin Pierce and Peter Schott have argued, the ...

Taxi Driver Suicides Are a Warning
I remember when, growing up in the outer boroughs of New York City, taking a cab was a rare treat. The one time I hailed a cab as ...

The GOP’s Public-Education Dilemma
Public-school teachers have long been a vitally important constituency for the Democratic Party, and teachers’ unions are known for backing progressive causes. It must be said, though, that ...

Campaign-Finance Reform Can Save the GOP
If Republicans lose the House in 2018, expect the Trumpist right to start thinking very hard about the virtues of campaign-finance reform. Late last year, as Republicans in ...

Trump’s High-Pressure Economy
Steve Mnuchin is not exactly a tribune of the people. A wealthy financier with a taste for the high life, he is better known for his glamorous spouse ...

The GOP’s Path to Economic Populism
Come the 2020 Democratic National Convention, it is entirely possible that the party’s presidential nominee will be committed to “Medicare for all,” at least two tuition-free years at ...

Is It Too Late to Stop the Rise of Marijuana, Inc.?
The marijuana wars are entering a new phase. The first phase, over whether or not to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, is over. The partisans of legalization ...

A Trade War With China May Be Inevitable
Despite the heated rhetoric of the past few days, a trade war between the U.S. and China does not seem imminent. But it may be inevitable. Almost immediately ...

John Bolton Is Misunderstood
Over the past few days, many have tried to distill John Bolton’s worldview, to get a sense of how he might shape the foreign policy of the Trump ...

Hillary Clinton’s Trickle-Down America
After a long, bruising career in public life, Hillary Clinton deserves a respite. Yet the erstwhile Democratic presidential nominee finds herself in the news again, having recently observed ...