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Collective Disbelief Among Intelligence Officials
ASPEN, Colo.—With many of the nation’s leading national-security experts gathered here this week, the tension between President Donald Trump and several of his highest-ranking intelligence and law-enforcement officials ...

FBI Investigator Rejects Accusations of Anti-Trump Bias
Republicans hammered FBI Agent Peter Strzok over several hours of testimony Thursday, seeking to discredit the long-running federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and portray ...

Trump Backs Russia on Election Interference Ahead of NATO Summit
Just weeks before his back-to-back summits with NATO members in Belgium and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland, President Trump is legitimizing Russia’s claim that it did not ...

The Reckoning Facing the FBI
The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General is rarely in the spotlight. But a highly anticipated report by the department’s internal watchdog will finally be released this ...

Senate Investigators May Have Found a Missing Piece in the Russia Probe
Updated June 8, 2018 at 5:28 p.m. ET An ex-congressman has attracted scrutiny from the Senate Judiciary Committee, as it continues to investigate whether President Donald Trump’s campaign ...

What Is Paul Manafort Doing?
When the news broke that Paul Manafort, under indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, repeatedly tried to contact witnesses in the case against him despite round-the-clock electronic surveillance, ...

The Bizarre Not-Murder of Arkady Babchenko
The news was grim. It was a murder. The apparent victim: Russian soldier-turned-reporter Arkady Babchenko. Obituaries were written, memorials were erected, and mourners gathered outside of his apartment. ...

A Timeline of Trump Associates Asking for Dirt on Clinton
On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that longtime Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone tried to solicit information about Hillary Clinton from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in September ...

Mueller’s Probe Is Even More Expansive Than It Seems
FBI agents working for special counsel Robert Mueller allegedly detained a lawyer with ties to Russia who is closely associated with Joseph Mifsud, the shadowy professor who claimed ...

There’s Nothing to Stop the 2018 Elections From Being Hacked
Russia’s successful interference in the 2016 election—when Moscow hacked both Democrats and Republicans—has spurred fears of a recurrence in 2018. But although congressional Democrats are pledging not to ...