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New science books to read this weekend
Entertainment Disasters, kindness, oceans and more. Here are some science-related books that debuted over the past month to fill your weekend reading list. Source: sceince ...

How scientists can be sure that Kilauea won’t turn into the next Mount St. Helens
Science It’s all about their chemistry. Even the largest possible explosive event from Kilauea would still be tiny compared to other volcanoes around the world, from Krakatoa to ...

Ancient 'made in China’ label pushes back the date of shipwreck by 100 years
Science Updated carbon dating techniques helped, too. An inscription on ancient shipwrecked artifacts pushes back the date of the shipwreck by 100 years. Source: sceince ...

If Kilauea's lava lake falls below the water table, the results could be explosive
Science Here’s how that steam-powered boom could happen. The swift and tunneling descent into the earth of a lava lake near Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano raises the potential ...

Listen to the first-ever recordings of volcanic thunder
Science The sounds of science. It’s an explosion that starts within the earth, a release of pressurized gases and bits of rock, either sharp shards or molten fragments ...

Here's where we're actually looking for intelligent life
Science Because it sure isn’t here. Scientists at SETI send out signals in hopes of hailing alien life—and put out all sorts of telescopes and sensors in case ...

A primer on the primal origins of humans on Earth
Science Our history is complicated. Our pre-history, even more so. Discoveries pushing back milestones in human development happen all the time. That can get confusing. So here’s a ...

Why so many diamonds are making science headlines this week
Science They’re windows into the heart of the Earth. Diamonds have been in the news quite a lot this week, and not for any celebrity/engagement news. Instead, it’s ...

How to get comets, animals, math problems, and more named after you
Science Hint: You don’t have to discover something, but it could help. There are a few different ways to put your name down in the history books, along ...

Five new science books you should read this month
Entertainment Seeds, adventures, medicine, and more. While you patiently wait for spring to sprout, here’s five science books to occupy your mind (and couch) with. Source: sceince ...