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Pompeo Declares Economic War on Iran
The Trump administration’s new strategy on Iran essentially amounts to economic war. In a speech on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed “unprecedented financial pressure in the ...

In Europe, Standing Up to America Is Now Patriotic
The United States and Europe have had serious foreign-policy disputes before—notably during the Iraq War, when France and Germany split with the U.S. over the invasion. But since ...

A Shia Cleric’s Radical Vision for Iraq
Soon after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, a CBS News crew interviewed a young Shia cleric who explained what was happening in his ...

The Battle Between Israel and Iran Is Spreading
When Israeli missiles rained down on multiple Iranian targets across Syria overnight, it was one of Israel’s largest military operations in Syria in decades. The bombing came after ...

Trump’s First Big Breakthrough in North Korea Negotiations
Updated at 9:41 a.m. ET President Trump announced Wednesday that three Americans who were detained in North Korea are now free, marking perhaps the most significant success so ...

Afghanistan Takes a Bloody Path to Pursue Peace
The years keep passing with the United States in Afghanistan—nearly 17 in all now—and the death toll keeps climbing. This week it was twin suicide bombings in Kabul ...

What Netanyahu Did and Didn’t Say About Iran’s Nuclear Program
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech Monday he billed as showing “something that the world has never seen.” He vowed to provide evidence of Iran’s duplicity ...

Netanyahu’s Bizarre PowerPoint Presentation on Iran
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Israel had uncovered documents showing that Iranian officials had lied when they said the country had never pursued nuclear weapons, ...

Kim Jong Un Is Manipulating the World
Little was known of Kim Jong Un when he assumed North Korea’s leadership in December 2011. Reporting on his ascent following the death of his father, Kim Jong ...

Trump’s Selective Empathy for Syrian War Victims
Video footage of the impact of chemical-weapons attacks on Syrian civilians has twice moved President Trump into militarily striking regime targets. After the U.S. and its allies struck ...