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Scientists have some pretty outlandish ideas for cooling the planet down
Nexus Media News Desperate times inspire desperate measures. If global warming is such a problem, why can’t we just do something to set the climate back on track? ...

NASA almost never came to be. Its creation is a lesson in political power.
Nexus Media News The battle over America’s space program shows how to turn science into a winning issue. The creation of the space agency is a triumph of ...

Winter Storm Quinn is a weirdo—and it probably won't be this year's last
Nexus Media News East Coasters could see more than a foot. Just days after Winter Storm Riley slammed the East Coast, another nor’easter is on its way. Winter ...

This 18-mile stretch of Georgia highway is a living laboratory for clean energy
Nexus Media News The Ray is a rural testing ground for cutting-edge tech. The Anderson family turned an 18-mile stretch of rural Georgia highway into a living laboratory ...