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Meet the <em>Trumpverstehers</em>
A few years ago, the Germans created one of the compound nouns in which their language excels. The Russlandverstehers—literally, “Russia understanders”—were those who while not openly supporting Vladimir ...

Lest We Forget
There are the wars we remember, and the wars that seem to drift away. Korea is one such, but at least there is a monument in Washington to ...

Where ‘America First’ Once Led
According the authoritative Freedom House rankings, we have seen over a decade of deterioration in free institutions. Outright massacre is the order of the day in countries from ...

A Reckoning for Obama’s Foreign-Policy Legacy
Embedded in any policy is some theory of victory—some explanation, no matter how inchoate or ill-considered, that explains why this might work. So too with President Trump’s decision ...

The Party of Ike
I stood, not long ago, on a chilly, damp, and windy Korean hill at the edge of Demilitarized Zone. With 40 of my students and half-a-dozen faculty we ...

Neither Precise Nor Proportionate
“Precise and proportionate,” is how Secretary of Defense James Mattis described the recent shower of missiles that fell on three targets in Syria. Precise, possibly, although anyone who ...

A Modest Plea for Patriotic History
It is telling that those who speak loudest about Making America Great Again tend to refer to themselves as nationalists rather than patriots. George Orwell took the measure ...

McMaster’s Choice
“They have their exits and their entrances,” wrote Shakespeare, and so it is, as actors deliver frantic speeches while others leap, slide, or crawl on and off the ...

Team of Sycophants
In the end, the only one surprised to discover a presidential shiv protruding from Rex Tillerson’s back was the man himself. He was abruptly dismissed from office on ...