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What Didn’t Work in Season 43 of <em>Saturday Night Live</em>
The opening sketch of Saturday Night Live’s 43rd season finale epitomized the show’s direction this year. It was chock-full of celebrity guests, with Alec Baldwin in his usual ...

The New Hollywood <em>Speed Racer</em> Didn’t See Coming
The opening seven minutes of the Wachowskis’ Speed Racer are the definition of sensory overload. The audience processes a colossal amount of storytelling at once, as our hero, ...

<i>Westworld</i> and the Question of Immortality
Every week for the second season of Westworld, three Atlantic staffers will discuss new episodes of HBO’s cerebral sci-fi drama. David Sims: Westworld’s first season was largely focused ...

Netflix’s Jeffrey Tambor Conundrum
Jeffrey Tambor was officially fired from Amazon’s critically acclaimed, award-winning show Transparent in February, after the company’s investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct made against him by his ...

Remembering the Cinematic Prowess of Anne V. Coates
The art of film editing is arguably the most unheralded, most crucial part of filmmaking—a craft that can rescue a difficult production process, reshape a tortured performance, or ...

<em>Revenge</em> Is a Shocking and Subversive Piece of Horror
The first 15 minutes of Revenge could easily double as a garish Bacardi ad or a car commercial. The colors are dialed up to maximum saturation, the soundtrack ...

<em>Tully</em> Is a Daring, and Baffling, Look at Motherhood
“Mom, what’s wrong with your body?” cries Emmy (Maddie Dixon-Poirier) as her mother, Marlo (Charlize Theron), flops into a chair at the breakfast table. Marlo just had her ...

‘Infinity War’ and the Point of Comic-Book Deaths
This article contains major spoilers about the end of Avengers: Infinity War. The old adage in superhero comics used to be that any character could come back to ...

The Secret Star of John Mulaney’s <em>Kid Gorgeous</em>
“I love to play venues where if the guy who built the venue could see me on stage, he would be a little bit bummed about it,” says ...

<em>Let the Sunshine In</em> Is a Very French Romantic Comedy
2018 in film has already seen its fair share of spine-tingling horror: Think of the blind alien beasts of A Quiet Place or the psychedelic, sinister “Shimmer” of ...