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Yale Law Fails the Kavanaugh Test
Each Supreme Court vacancy renews the perennial debate about the best way forward for constitutional law. Law-school graduates have a special obligation to inform that discussion. This week, ...

Don’t Abolish ICE—Reform It
Immigration policy will loom large in the 2018 elections. Democrats hope Americans will punish Republicans for the Trump administration’s decision to snatch little boys and girls away from ...

Abraham Lincoln’s Warning
An American can always benefit from rereading the Declaration of Independence. But I suspect that this Fourth of July is better spent with that document’s best interpreter, Abraham ...

Readers Respond to Jordan Peterson in Aspen
My article “Jordan Peterson Comes to Aspen” generated a lot of correspondence. Most of it defied the conventional wisdom that the University of Toronto professor turned celebrity intellectual ...

John Kerry’s Advice to Democrats
On Wednesday, former Secretary of State John Kerry savaged President Trump, arguing that he is undermining U.S. leadership in the world with catastrophic consequences for human rights, global ...

Jordan Peterson Comes to Aspen
In Aspen, Colorado, up a narrow switchback road, high above the picturesque valley, where a house unburdened by close neighbors opens onto a furnished open-air patio, I found ...

Five Features of Better Arguments
Earlier this month, amid a particularly trying stretch on social media, I joked that I would soon be launching Ad Hominem, “a new journal of non-ideas founded in ...

The Futility of Standing Athwart Language Yelling ‘Stop!’
In American culture these days, the linguistic terrain is constantly shifting, says the Columbia University linguistics professor John McWhorter. Even people who think of themselves as enlightened, morally ...

Tucker Carlson Is Hurting America Again
Last week, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, or else the eponymous populist demagogue that he plays on TV, declared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, “If you’re looking to understand ...

The American Who Says He’s Been the Target of Five Air Strikes
He was born Darrell Lamont Phelps. He grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, moved down to the city, tried his hand at comedy, and later converted to ...