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A Belgian Legislator Berates and Scoffs at Mark Zuckerberg
On Tuesday, as the deadline to implement the sweeping European internet rule known as the General Data Protection Regulation approached, Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the European Parliament in ...

When You’re Not Just the Product on Facebook, but the Manager
In the near future, if Facebook fulfills its stated goal, a billion people will be part of a “meaningful group” on the service, up from 200 million now. ...

Will Facebook’s New Ad-Transparency Tools Protect Democracy?
Time and again, when facing criticism about the Facebook’s role in elections, the company’s executives have promised to provide maximal transparency about the advertising that runs on their ...

There Is Only One Thing IMHO Can Mean
Those lovable scoundrels at BuzzFeed, as they are wont to do, have kicked up a new controversy about the breakdown of our shared reality in this time of ...

How Facebook Became the Tech Company People Love to Hate
His congressional testimony behind him, his company’s shares rebounding, a confident Mark Zuckerberg took the stage in San Jose on Tuesday at F8, Facebook’s annual conference. The Facebook ...

Even Amid Scandal, Facebook Is Unstoppable
When Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage on Tuesday at F8, Facebook’s big annual conference, I expect him to gesture briefly at the troubles of the last year and ...

The Evidence Is Not With Joy Reid
A strange story about MSNBC host Joy Reid has been unfolding for a week. It began when a Twitter user with about 1,000 followers, @Jamie_Maz, dug up what ...

What You Can’t Say on Facebook
After years of pleas from activists and users, Facebook publicly released a version of its Community Guidelines on Tuesday—thousands of words that attempt to describe what you can’t ...

Last week, a weird story popped to national prominence in India. The new chief minister of Tripura, a small state that borders Bangladesh, said that the internet existed ...

The Most Important Exchange of the Zuckerberg Hearing
In his second day of congressional hearings, Mark Zuckerberg began the proceedings in the House of Representatives on Wednesday with an identical opening statement to the one he ...