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Letters: Why Don’t Women Write to the Editor? Because They’re Doing Absolutely Everything Else
Why Do So Few Women Write Letters to the Editor? Earlier this month, Caroline Kitchener reported that issues of confidence and deep-seated social norms may help explain the ...

Letters: Why Is State Funding for Public Universities Declining?
American Higher Education Hits a Dangerous Milestone Ronald Brownstein reported recently that state funding for public colleges and universities has declined as student populations have become more racially ...

Why You Should Argue in Front of Your Kids
In this episode of Home School, Adam Grant, a psychologist at the Wharton School and New York Times best-selling author, explains why parents shouldn’t shield children from their ...

Washington, D.C. (May 10, 2018)—Today The Atlantic premieres Crazy/Genius, the latest addition to its suite of podcast programming. Hosted by senior editor Derek Thompson, the new eight-episode series ...

HBO and The Atlantic Challenge Viewers to Examine Their Own Beliefs in New Short Film Series
HBO and The Atlantic have partnered to create Question Your Answers, a series of short films that challenge audiences to, in a time of increasing cultural and political ...

Letters: How Should We Talk About Migration Policy?
The Refugee Detectives In The Atlantic’s April issue, Graeme Wood wrote about Germany’s high-stakes effort to sort people fleeing death from opportunists and pretenders. I research refugee flows ...

The Atlantic Adds Lauren N. Williams and Taylor Lorenz to Growing Masthead
Washington, D.C. (April 30, 2018)—The Atlantic is growing its New York bureau with two new editorial hires: Lauren N. Williams joins as a senior editor on the Culture ...

Letters: Should Code-Switching Be Taught in Schools?
The Code-Switcher In The Atlantic’s April issue, William Brennan wrote about Julie Washington, a speech pathologist who believes that helping kids switch seamlessly between dialects is a key ...

Letters: ‘And Now, Now Will We Go to War?’
What If There Is No Ethical Way to Act in Syria Now? Last week, Sigal Samuel spoke with a variety of philosophers and ethicists about America’s moral responsibility ...

Are Helicopter Parents Ruining a Generation?
“Initially, helicopter parenting appears to work,” says Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult. “As a kid, you’re kept safe, you’re given direction, and you might ...