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Just Say It’s Racist
It was a framing that might have worked with any other two presidents. On Friday, The New York Times published a comparison of how Donald Trump and his ...

There Is Only One Trump Scandal
The sheer volume of Trump scandals can seem difficult to keep track of. There’s the ongoing special-counsel investigation into whether the Trump campaign aided a Russian campaign to ...

The Defense That Failed White Nationalists
The photographs of the beating show DeAndre Harris curled up in a ball on the floor of a parking lot trying to protect his face and body as ...

Giuliani’s Defense Only Intensifies the Legal Risks for Trump
Rudy Giuliani, who joined President Trump’s personal legal team last week, told Fox News on Thursday that the Trump attorney Michael Cohen had arranged a payment to the ...

‘These Are Very Dangerous Questions for the President’
A leaked list of potential questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump in a potential interview highlights the risks faced by both Trump and his ...

Pleading the Fifth Doesn’t Mean Michael Cohen Is Guilty
During a campaign rally in Iowa in 2016, Donald Trump criticized former Hillary Clinton staffers who had invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination in the case involving ...

How Cosby’s ‘Pound Cake Speech’ Helped Lead to His Downfall
On Thursday “America’s Dad” was convicted of sexual assault. Cosby’s image as a wholesome sitcom dad and moral exemplar had been irreparably tarnished in the past few years ...

The Bill to Protect Mueller May Not Survive the Supreme Court
Legislation to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been hailed as a ray of bipartisan sunshine in a divided Congress. The only problem is that even if it ...

The Comey Memos Won’t Derail the Mueller Probe
The release of former FBI Director James Comey’s memos detailing his early interactions with Donald Trump are unlikely to harm Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, legal experts say. ...

Will Andrew McCabe Be Prosecuted?
Andrew McCabe, the former deputy FBI director and frequent target of President Trump, who was recently fired days short of retirement, has been referred for criminal prosecution by ...